Some of the best features Of Shopilyx!

No Ads

Shopilyx knows how it feels to watch ads on app and website. So it has become advertisement free.

Browse Shops and Products

Browse and discover in which shop your desired product is currently available.

Free to Use

Create your own shop and add unlimited products for free. Browsing shops and products is also free.

Simple Managemenet

Easily manage your shop and products. Add, edit or delete whenever you want.

Filter and Search

Use Shopilyx advanced filter and search options to find your aimed products quickly.

Theme Change

Change the theme color of Shopilyx app to match your own taste.

Shop Directly

Shopilyx will show you shops and products. You can know which shop is selling your desired product using Shopilyx app and website. But you cannot buy any product from Shopilyx. Shopilyx will show you all the information of the shop. You can contact with the shop and buy directly from them.

How Can Shopilyx Help Your Shop

Create and Add Products

Create your shop and add unlimited products for free. Users can visit and see products of your shop using Shopilyx app.

Easy Management

Conveniently add, edit or delete products and also modify information of your shop

Direct Link

After creating shop you will get a link clicking on which Shopilyx app will open and display your shop's products

Shopilyx App

Shopilyx is now available on playstore